fecamppsalter1180if you put together a complete suit, it is important that you try to choose parts that fit well together. In this article we summarize which of our garments fit into the medieval men's suit. The period of time we are talking about is high medieval time, ie about 1100 - 1350
All complete suits should be compiled according to the following model:

  • Pants

Underwear in linen

Medeltida Tunika i ofärgat linneTunic or shirt in linen on the upper body and trousers on the skirt were the most common undergarments. We make them in linen which is nice to wear on the body, partly so you stay cool, but it is also nice to have linen instead of wool directly to the body.

Leg clothing in wool and linen

Medeltida mansdräkten: Hosor och brokor

Composite pants disappeared during the Middle Ages to be replaced entirely by hoses. Hoses are best made in wool while bridges are made in linen.

Hoses are thus like long socks in wool, both with and without foot. We have chosen not to set foot on ours. Brocas are like a couple of spacious underpants, ours are sewn in a so-called tube model which gives you a lovely pussy in the buttocks.