All payments must be made in advance, with payment via Payer card, invoice, bank transfer or paypal.We only post on the page what we have in stock.Unresolved packages are billed afterwards.


Time When ordering stock items, we deliver as soon as we can. If you are in a hurry with your delivery, please state it at the time of order and choose postage. The specified delivery times on the website are approximate. If you have a lot of crime with the delivery, call us 0581 499 991!

Open Purchases, Returns & Exchanges

Domestic buyers (sweden)
If you wish to return one or more goods, please fill in the return form that comes with your package.
Then send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with name, address and mobile number.
Write in the email that you want a return shipping note.
The return shipping note is emailed to you and you print it yourself and paste on your package. If you do not have a printer, we can also mail the return shipping note to you in a letter.

To cover shipping costs in connection with returns and exchanges, we charge a fee of SEK 149. This fee will cover shipping both from you and to you. The fee is invoiced on a separate invoice. You can also return on markets/events where we participate or directly to our warehouse in Rockhammar (free of charge).
If you have chosen Payer invoice as payment method then pay your invoice before sending the return.
For returns where you want a refund, the refund will be made as soon as the return has been received by us.
If you want to change to another item, color or size, clearly state what you want to change to. Please check the website so that the current product is in stock. No costs other than return shipping of SEK 149 will be added upon exchange.

International customers
You must on your own behalf ship the return to us. Use the included form to state your return and ship it to our adress. We will contact you once we have recieved the return. You can change your order to a new garment or ask for a refund on your purchase. For exchanges we may need to charge a new shipping cost to cover our costs of shipping the exchange to you. (will be depending on where we ship it)

Incorrect item

If Urda Hantverk has sent you an incorrect or substandard item, or otherwise missed, we are obviously responsible for rectifying the error as soon as possible. We think it is important that you as a customer should feel satisfied and confident about shopping with us.

False orders

False orders are reported to the police.

Out of stock in connection with the market

As we go to Markets & Events with the same stock as we have on the website, it may happen that we have sold out of the goods that you have ordered. This happens mainly when we are out on the market. If this happens to you, we will contact you and offer another item or if a replacement item is missing to repay any paid advances. You as a customer are always free of damage if we run out of stock in stock.

Customer register [here is GDPR information if you are interested ...]

To be able to shop in our webshop you must register your personal information (address, telephone number, and possibly personal identification number). The data stored is treated as confidential and is not disclosed to The data is only stored there for you to shop in our webshop. If you wish to be removed from our customer register, you can contact us.

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  • E-mail
  • Garp business system
  • Unifaun freight booking
  • Payer payment system
  • Paypal payment system

We stand for what we do

We at Urda Hantverk are proud of our products and are convinced that you as a customer will feel satisfied with our quality and our materials. Below our contact page you will find all information regarding the company with address, telephone number etc. You can also always contact us via email or our facebook. You are also welcome to our studio in blixterboda or in any market.

Welcome to Urda Hantverk - Viking Age and Medieval clothing